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Aquarium Co-Op Cory McElroy

Xtreme uses krill as it's primary ingredient in it's foods. This means the fish devour it and it naturally enhances their color. This is a winning combination I've been waiting for. Especially in the flake and nano pellet form. - Cory McElroy

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KG Tropicals John & Lisa

We’ve been feeding Xtreme to all of our fish for almost a decade for two reasons, the first is the fish go crazy for it and second is they thrive on it! What more can you ask for? - John Hudson

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SwiskeyJimmy Nygen

Xtreme foods is by far my favorite fish food for many reasons. First off, like I say in many of my videos, it has the texture and smell of quality food. When you see flake food usually it’s just plain, flat and smooth. This has the texture of small bits of krill, spirulina and whatever else they use in their ingredients. You can SEE it. Not only that but the reaction it gets when it hits the water proves the fish love it too. Thanks Xtreme!

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AquariumRachel O'Leary

You guys sponsored me way back in 2013 for my speaking stuff. I have been using Xtreme Aquatic Diets in the feeding rotation in my fishroom since 2013. From mini to monster, they have a formula that is palatable for all size and types of fish. Not only do they make a good product, but Xtreme is an excellent supporter of our organized hobby.

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Bay Area AquaticsMichael Paugh

I came across the Xtreme Aquatics Food line a few months back & instantly fell in love with this all- natural food. My fish have never been healthier & my fry production is higher than ever ... Jason Sinclair

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Guppy Guru TalkPeter Doust

Thank you so much I am loving the whole line and I greatly appreciate you sending me your awesome products.

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Trey Crary

Hello my name is Trey and I live in Oklahoma... I’m just writing to say that I have been in the fish hobby for many years and have never had a better fish food till I found yours!! I feed it to all my fish with no exceptions...I get amazing growth and color and never have had to really treat my fish for any sicknesses... it truly is amazing...

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Tony Kaiser

Believe I've been feeding the Xtreme cichlid food now since 2013. Your food has made a tremendous change to my fish keeping hobby. Ever since I’ve been feeding Xtreme I have feed nothing else. No need to. I am setting up my first tetra planted tank and going to order some Nano pellets, krill and spirulina and community crave flakes for them. Just wanted to say thanks for supplying such a great quality food to the hobby. Thanks Tony

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The Blind FishkeeperBrandon Joyner

My name is Brandon Joyner and I live in Orlando, FL area. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself, and express my Gratitude for all of your amazing foods. I am 41 years old and completely blind due to a life long struggle with diabetes. I have kept fish on and off since I was 7 or 8 years old but most seriously since 2007. I went blind approximately 5 years ago and thought that was going to be the end of my hobby. Through hard work and determination my hobby is stronger today than ever. I currently have 8 aquariums and 2 outdoor tubs all of which I run and maintain myself. I feed a few different types of food but Xtreme is the bulk of my fish food choices. Currently I’m feeding your Xtreme Monster, Big Fella, Community Crave and Peewee pellets. Also feed your Krill Flake, Spirolina Flake, and Bottom Scrapers. I have used and loved your food since before it was available to the public. One of my local fish store owners would give me small bags to bring home to my Cichlids every once in a while. I believe out of all the foods I use, my fishes nutrition and color are the best they have ever been because of your wonderful products. I have a small YouTube channel and talk about your food quite a bit. I urge you to please take a look at my tanks and fish at my channel The Blind Fishkeeper - Brandon

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