Ingredients Listed Here

These are the premium ingredients used in our formulas. Marine proteins, farm-raised spirulina, balanced Amino acids, sourced and manufactured in the USA, NonGM and No Hormones. Marine proteins achieved the highest standards of sustainability as required by the Global Sustainability Seafood Initiative (GAAS) and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).

Note: These ingredients may be listed differently on the labels of specific diets which are refined for each individual formulation. For example Crave Flakes, a 60/40 mix of Krill and Spirulina, has a combination of these ingredients in each individual formula.


Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (Min.) 35%
  • Crude Fat (Min.)  4% 
  • Crude Fiber (Max.) 5%
  • Phosphorus (Min.)  1%/li>
  •  Moisture (Max.)  12%
  • Ash (Max.)    12%
Balanced amino acid profile.
No Hormones