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Product availablity, pricing and terms vary by country or region. We're expanding Xtreme into the UK and EU. To apply for a new account, click the country or region and then click on New Customer Signup. We only sell to fish and pet stores with commercial store fronts and regular business hours.

United States

Select this link to access your secure order USA login page. If you're not a customer of Xtreme, select the link at the bottom of the USA login page and fill out the application and we'll get back to you shortly.


We have two terrific distributors in Canada. Kane Veterinary Supplies, one of our oldest and dearest customers, and Bobby G's Pro Aquatics, the new kid on the block who carries the entire line. Either one or both would be happy to have your business and we support them both.


Ashley and Nigel are scurrying to get setup to become the new Xtreme distributor. Product should be on shelves in Brisbane shortly and ready to restock your store. WSE Wholesale is using the same online order system we use in the US, Canada and Europe and should be up soon. We're very excited to finally be working with Ashley and we know you will too. If you have any questions in the interim, send an email to

United Kingdom - Launch in Progress

Visit Xtreme at Interzoo, Bldg 4A, Booth 215 - May 2022 update: One more APHIS hurdle to cross and we'll have our export certificate. As soon as we have the paperwork in hand an email is going out inviting stores to visit our site and secure access to our pricing, order page and terms. The first ten stores that sign up will receive mixed cartons of Xtreme products, absolutley free, shipped to their store to evaluate with their customers. To get on our list click United Kingdom and send us an email.

European Union - Coming Soon

Visit Xtreme at Interzoo - 4A-215. We're establishing EU distribution so we can ship right to your shop. Meet Cory McElroy from Aquarium Co-op. He'll be in the booth for a couple of hours, Wed and Thurs midday. If you want to be contacted when we're set up to launch, click European Union to send an email with your information.