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Product availablity, pricing and terms vary by country or region. W Australia. We're expanding Xtreme into the UK and EU. To apply for a new account, select the country or region and click on New Customer? Signup. We only sell Xtreme to fish and pet stores with commercial store fronts and regular business hours.

United States

Select this link to access your secure order USA login page. If you're not a customer of Xtreme, select the link at the bottom of the USA login page and fill out the application and we'll get back to you shortly.


We have two terrific distributors in Canada. Kane Veterinary Supplies, one of our oldest and dearest customers, and Bobby G's Pro Aquatics, the new kid on the block who carries the entire line. Either one or both would be happy to have your business and we support them both.


Ryan and his team at Horizon Pets will provide you with Xtreme and the service to back it up. If you're not a customer, get an account set up and put some Xtreme on your shelves. Xtreme will do well in your shop and we have some exciting plans for Australia when travel restrictions are lifted.

United Kingdom - Launch in Progress

We're launching Xtreme into the UK during the month of June and into July, 2021. An email is going out inviting stores to visit our site and secure access to our pricing, order page and terms. The first ten stores that sign up will receive a mixed carton of Xtreme products, absolutley free, shipped to their store to test with their customers.

European Union - Coming Soon

Stay tuned. Once we've launched Xtreme in the UK, we'll stock the Spain warehouse and open our EU site. If you want to be contacted when we're ready to launch, click European Union to send an email with your information. We have plans beginning in November to drive Xtreme customers into your store.