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Xtreme Aquatic Foods

When you combine forty-five years of hands-on-experience, terrific ingredients
and quality manufacturing right here in the USA, you come up with
Xtreme Aquatic Foods.
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Marine Proteins

We start with krill

Krill, Shrimp, Squid and Herring, sustainably harvested, provides a balanced diet formulated to encourage breeding, enhance the natural colors and
support healthly growth.

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Professional Formulas

developed on an award-winning tropical fish farm.

Forty years ago there were no premium tropical fish
foods, so we had to develop one. It took a lot of
this and that before we got it right.

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Made in USA

Not easy to keep it american

From the very beginning we decided to source all
the ingredients, packaging and labeling from
American companies. We have kept that promise

Why Feed Xtreme

We have developed a catalog of products to feed all kinds of fish in all kinds of environments.
We had to because the farm of 500,000 fish from African Cichlids to South American Discus needed
quality ingredents to breed, grow and stand out, both in retail stores and hobbyists tanks.
Marine fish can be finicky eaters too, so great proteins like Shrimp, Krill and Squid are in all our formulas.

PeeWee™ & NICE™
1.5 mm Pellets

PeeWee – Each Xtreme product is built around our 1.5mm pellet formulation a combination of ingredients; proteins, plants, carbs, vitamins, attractants and trace elements. PeeWee is available as Community PeeWee, Cichlid PeeWee, Betta PeeWee, Marine PeeWee, Goldfish PeeWee and now, NICE™ (Naturally Intense Color Enhancer) 1.5mm slow-sinking and floating pellets.

Big Fella™ 3 mm Pellets

The 3mm version of the Xtreme formula was disigned for larger community freshwater fish, cichlids and aggressive marine speies. This slow-sinking 3mm pellet is available as Big Fella, Marine Big Fella, Goldfish Big Fella and coming soon, NICE 3mm slow-sinking and floating pellets.

Flakes and Crave™

We combine two incredibly formulated flake foods, Spirulina Flake and Krill Flake to make our most popular flake product, Crave Flakes. Recently we made these two flakes available seperately as Spriulina Flake, Marine Krill and Krill Flakes. If fish won't eat anthing else, give them one of our flake formulas.

Nano, Monster & Shrimpee™

Three speciality formulas. For your fry and nano fish, our 52% protein diet, Nano is perfect. Try it in your saltwater FRAG tank. For your monster fish, try our pea protein based, 9mm Monster pellet. An for those bueatiful shrimp, feed them the complete diet; Shrimpee™.

Sinking Wafers and Scrapers™

For ten years we have offered our fast sinking wafer, Scrapers. Designed to encourage the natural scraping and foraging habits of Plecos and Catfish. Now we have expanded the reach of this popular diet with a new label, Sinking Wafers. We are pleased to follow suggestions from our customers to promote this sinking pellet as a favorite of a lot of fish beyond cats and plecos. If you are not convinced, get a small jar and try for yourself.

Flakes and Pellets

Marine fish love Xtreme Krill based products. Marine PeeWee, Marine Krill and Marine Big Fella are three formulations made for saltwater marine fish. Give it a try. Importers use Marine PeeWee as the first food fed to wild imported marine fish and they rave about the results.

Put Xtreme on your shelves...

Complete our account signup form, give us a day to verify your information (we only sell to retail pet and fish stores). When approved, we'll provide secure access to our online ordering site.

More Stuff

Find a store nearby or buy from one of our online retailers. If your favorite store does't carry Xtreme, send us the contact information and we'll work to get them on hoard. Read through some testimonials, maybe even send us a good one we can share. Meet Xtreme at a show or club, we try to support the hobby like you support us.
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Brick and Mortar Store of the month.

Fish Heads is the perfect example of a very successful smaller store. Built around personal customer service and stocked with fish that Rose and Gary love. Customers leave feeling well served with bags of healthy fish and the right supplies. Fish Heads has been a wonderful Xtreme customer for many years. Visit them in Ocala, Florida. Store Tour

Approved Online Stores

Cory has a small store in Edomond, Washingto, just outside of Seattle. He also has an online store Aquarium Co-op, where he sells quality, not price. If you can't find Xtreme in a store near you, visit Aquarium Co-op. Helpful link...


When we see a great testimonial, we add it to our site. Our Facebook page is a great place to share your thoughts with others. Send us a testimonial with a picture and we'll add it to our page. Helpful link...

Secrets of an African Cichlid Farmer

Take a tour of the award-winning farm of Rick and Tamela Biro, Florida Exotic Fish Sales. These two pioneers formulated Xtreme almost 40 years ago and have been it to feed over 500,000 fish daily. Want the best looking fish, use Xtreme like the professionals do. Farm Tour

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