The Xtreme Lineup!

It's the ingredents, the manufacturing process, the care and Made in the USA that produceXtreme results.

All of these products are formulated with our Krill based 1.5mm pellets, either floating or slow sinking. Link to Details

Big Fella is the 3mm version of our 1.5mm pellet Krill based formula. Link to Details

All three of these flake foods are Krill and Spirulina based. Crave is a combination blend of Krill and Spirulina. Link to Details

Use Nano for fry and nano tank sized fish, Monster for large and monster fish and Shrimpee for your prized fresh and salt water shrimp. Link to Details

Cat Scrapers and Sinking wafers are algae based plant protein wafers which appeal to nocturnal feeding fish. Not just for plecos and cats, use it to add variety to your feeding schedule. Link to Details

Have a saltwater aquarium. Get all four of these formulas. Marine Krill and Spirulina flakes for small and top feeding fish. Marine PeeWee and Big Fella for larger fish that feed throughut the water column. Link to Details